Monday, 2 April 2012

What a weekend.

This is girl power x x x

What can I say, it has been so powerful and productive being a part of something so big and positive. I have met a lot of new friends, Fernando from Brazil is a wonderful lady. She is strong and determined to get asbestos banned in her country. She works so hard against the managements in her country who try to pull her down and discredit her. She gets back up and carries on. She is so very inspiring. When she is pushed down, she now has new friends to help her get back up.
The Italian film producer, Niccolo, who has made a very moving documentary about asbestos use all over the world. Putting himself in danger for the sake of saving lives and getting a world wide ban. He filmed workers in India and Brazil who were working for greedy managements.
At one point he interviewed a fat cat in India who went on to say the poor people needed wages so let them work. The message coming across from them was that white asbestos was safe, not harmful at all. So why aren't the greedy managers sat in an asbestos filled room if it is so safe?
Such a strong and powerful message. He recorded the Eternit trial in Italy where 2 of the biggest perpetrators wiped out an entire village. The Italian lawyers had fought a long and hard battle to get justice. They did but sadly it was too late for many. Seeing Louisa on screen, holding her left arm very close to her side and in so much pain was like looking at myself. Fernando, Linda Reinstein and I held each other in silence with tears gently rolling down our faces as the painful words appeared at the end of the film, Louisa had lost her life and didn't get to see the results of how she had helped to get justice.
The Italian lawyer, Bruno, and his wife sitting silently and, I hope, very proud as the verdict was read on the screen. Such wonderful people, so humbling and so very driven.
Linda Reinstein has worked so hard and without stopping as pulled off something that is going to change the world. The room last night was filled with power. I was so glad I got to see Niccolo's film. There is a screening on Wednesday 4th April in LA. I hope to find it online.
I was also in the room with one of the greatest journalists who was as strong as Niccolo in his views on this trade, Matt Peacock. Again, he puts himself in danger to highlight this great injustice. I happened to mention a certain journalist in the UK who spouts out his usual words about white asbestos. I didn't even have to mention his name, Matt knew who I meant.
It was a very proud moment for me.

Brazil, Australia, Netherlands, Italy, USA, UK, Belgium and Australia, we all came together to get this message out there, And you know what, I have a feeling it may happen. I am saving a blog spot for the words I want to write. It will be waiting and ready to be published when ASBESTOS HAS A WORLD WIDE BAN. I am so very proud to have met these wonderful people and to have been a part at the birth of asbestos ban solidarity. Look out world, we are clearing our throats, we are about to shout a lot louder. We won't give up!!!!!

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