Saturday, 28 April 2012

Workers Memorial Day

Today is a very sad day, all over the world people will be remembering all those killed at work and the families left behind.
My dad was one of these people. He worked with asbestos which changed both of our lives. So hard to believe that so little has changed since then, yes, 55 countries have banned the importing/exporting of asbestos but there are still countries who choose to do just that when they have the knowledge to hand that tells them the dangers with this mineral.
I hope all the events around the world have an impact on those still peddling asbestos and those managements who still put workers at risk can wake up and give the workers the protection they need. When I here such sad stories of young men killed by cranes or machinery, it makes me wonder why things like this have to happen. Not only is someone's life taken far too soon but the families are left devistated. Families against corporate killers (FACK) are one group who do get their voices heard.
I made a video last night, a new hobby of mine. It includes pictures of people killed or exposed to carcinogens in the work place.
I hope the voice is very loud today and the families are taken notice of.

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