Thursday, 24 May 2012

Another sunny day.

The weather is glorious outside. Kieran has gone off to school, poor thing is full of hay fever but he seems to be coping well. Siobhan has hay fever too, no fun for them when the sun comes out.
got busy yesterday, took my sick note to work, I have to get another one as it ran out today. Off to work later with the next one, I popped into Darren's garage as my little Halo is having a problem. Darren thinks she needs a new petrol injector and will get one next week to fit it. While your there Darren, I can think of a few parts I could do with. Talking to the lovely Mavis this morning, she said she needs a new body, I do too so we would love to find a new body shop!!

I think I may have done a little too much as this morning I am feeling a little delicate. I am going to slowly get myself together and go to get the shopping with Siobhan and David.
If I am feeling up to it I will go round to my friend Chrissy's for tea. Will be good to get out and see my friends.
Kieran has an assembly tomorrow, I am hoping that I feel well enough to go. I must admit though that I feel so much better than I did the beginning of the week. I will take my mistletoe tonight as I am sure that is helping with the recovery and symptoms. In 2 weeks time I will be putting myself through it all over again, July is a month I want to have for me as I want to see Richard in Ireland. It will be my birthday and I want to be with my most treasured family, my babies. I will have a chat with my oncologist and see what he feels.
I am hoping to go back to work next week, I have a good team and managers who support me and I do enjoy seeing my friends, I miss them.

I am sending love and support to a lovely lady in Plymouth who lost her dad last night.  Condolences to you and your family x x x x

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