Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Appointment with my oncologist.

I had a really lazy morning today, watched Jezza on the morning TV, If you live in the Uk you will know who he is, if outside the UK, he is Jeremy Kyle who has a steady stream of helpless cases he deals with every day. Some of the shows are very good but others are just plain entertainment and wonderment of how some people live their lives. A diverse look at life in the 21st century.

I got dressed and sorted out my bed room and changed my bedding while listening to my heart throb, Robert Smith, playing at the Bestival. I had recorded it on my sky + box so have it up stairs and down stairs. He certainly makes my day happier.
I got some washing done, hung it out to dry as it is such a lovely day. I am feeling so much better than I did yesterday, back to conquering the world : )
Siobhan and I then made our way up to see my oncologist. I was ready for a battle about the mistletoe, I am determined to take it. When we sat in his office, I showed him my award from Linda in the USA. He was so shocked to hear that asbestos is still imported and exported out of the USA and Canada and that the Jeffrey mine still produces the stuff (hopefully not for long).
I spoke to him about the mistletoe and he said "no, definitely not", here we go I thought. He explained that the platelets in one patients blood were low so he asked them to come off mistletoe, which they did and the platelets were a lot better. I told him I had been taking it since 2008 and I had faith in it. I won't take the chemo with out it. He then agreed and said if it made me happy, to carry on ..... yipppeeee..... right answer Dr D : )
He was lovely today, he rang the pharmacy to get info about the mistletoe, I gave him the contact details of Dr Orange so he could ask any questions. He seems happy with that. We left the office and went down to the pharmacy to speak to Simon the chemist. I asked him about mistletoe and he seems ok with it all. He will be having a chat with Dr D about it so hopefully he can put his mind at rest.

so that is me, all set up for tomorrow morning. My lovely girl, Siobhan will be with me all day. Kieran is going to be with his dad for tea. Not sure what time it will all finish but sure I can have some fun with it : )

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