Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Crawling out of my hole.

I don't like this feeling but know I have to go throught it if I have any chance of slapping Theo's face and getting more of my life back. I took some movicol last night which is for constipation. Everything seems to shut down, I hate chemo. This makes me appreciate just what people g through on chemo and how easy I had it when I went to Germany. I would manage to carry on and have a life, just tired for a couple of days, but this has really knoocked me for 6. Siobhan has done some shopping today and has made me meals, my friend Chrissy brought in some cauliflower cheese which was lovely. Kieran has done his little bit too, helping by emptying the dish washer and doing his own tea last night. He has a pizza from the freezer, he put it in the oven, switched on and put his timer on his phone. Well done Bean : )
I am hoping that tomorrow I can get back to life again, my head is all muggy so can't drive, silly trying to. I have to sort out the car as she wouldn't pull away last week. Managed to get her home though. I am hoping the sick note will be in work soon, my boos rang up yesterday, I hate relying on people as I am so used to doing things for myself.
It is a beautiful day today, I sat in the garden for a while on our swinging chair which was very relaxing.
Hurry up and go you chemo side affects!!!

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