Tuesday, 8 May 2012

CT blues and MOT's

It been a miserable day today, not outside, the sun is shining beautifully here in Devon, but in my world. Kieran is off for a break with school, he will be back on Friday and I am know I am going to miss him so much.
It is also the day before I get my results from my CT scan I had last week. Kieran went off to school with a suit case, back pack and welly boots in a carrier bag. He insisted he wanted to get the bus in even though I had offered to take him in the car or at least his luggage. He was having none of it and struggled off up the path this morning, I am going to miss him so much but hope he has a fabulous time.

I went off to work, I wasn't feeling too bad until I was asked about going on the phones. Off it went, all the water works, feeling sorry for myself. I so appreciate the lovely team I have, they are wonderful. I haven't known the guys very long so to have their support is wonderful. I pulled myself together and apologised for my emotional outburst. I settled down and went on the phones after an hour or so. All went well after that, thank goodness I didn't see anyone who I knew really well, they would only have to say "how are you" and I would be off again. It's these few days before a CT scan that I want to curl up in a ball and hide away from the world, wake me up Thursday!!!
Halo, my little car, has her MOT tomorrow so we will both be getting sorted out. She is in good hands with Darren the mechanic, he always looks after her.

I am not working tomorrow so will have a quiet day of catching up on the house work and hoping my scan shows the Theo is still stable.

 Kieran all ready to go on his trip with school.
Kieran took all this on the bus, so proud of him and his independence. Well done Bean x x

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