Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Feeling more like me.

I feel so much better this morning, my head is still a little woozy but I hope that clears as I would like to go out today if I can. Poor Kieran is full of hayfever, same as Siobhan, I do feel for them as they sneeze and have itchy eyes in the beautiful weather.
He went off to school in his sun glasses and radio phones in his ear, looking the cool dude that he is.
I need to try and get motivated today, it has been a really rough couple of days. Siobhan has been wonderful, making me meals and drinks. I have felt so useless and want to get back to where I was. I can't believe I am going to put myself through this all again in a couple of weeks. I don't want to have the cisplatin again, the allergy knocked me back as well as the side affects. Onwards and upwards me thinks
: )
I wasn't going to get too graphic but as this is a diary of how I felt  I had to add it. I have been bunged up for 2 days, the chemo causes constipation. I had some movicol early this morning. This is a drink that helps shift stubborn stuff, I will call it stuff : ) Well, Kieran gets up for school, has his breakfast and goes into the bathroom to get dressed. Why is it that my colon decides that this time will be when I need to go!!! Any way, no accidents, just had to hold on till Kieran was done and being Kieran, he didn't rush, He eventually came out and I belted in there. Apologies if it is too graphic, this is life with cancer. I feel much better now and hope to get out in the sunshine.

After speaking to my lovely friend, Mavis Nye on facebook, I think I can get my sorry backside up and out on this beautiful day. She is such a shining light. As she said, her body has to catch up. I know the feeling, I feel like my mind is willing but the body is still in bed. My hands are a little tingly, numb. All the things that go along with chemo, makes me feel so old and useless but I look at Mavis and how her spirit has lifted all of us. Thank you Mavis x x x Have a wonderful day my friend x x

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