Thursday, 17 May 2012

A fun day at hospital

We were all up early today to go to the hospital for my first cycle of chemo.
Kieran left for school and was happy to pop in after school to feed the kitties as we will be out all day. I left the plenty of food so they should be fine all day on their own. Siobhan, David and I went on to the hospital. We were took to my room were we we're met by my sister Wendy. It was going to be a long day and we were not ready for all that would happen.
I first had the canular fitted, straight do
Read, no problems. then had saline and a big bag of fluid put through intravenously. No problems there either, all was unremarkable as the Dr would say.
I then started the cisplatin, within 5 minutes of starting it my throat had a tickle burning feeling. I thought it wasn't something I needed to report as I wasn't sure if it was anything to worry about. It then went to my ears and was making me sneeze so I told them nurse. She stopped the drug right away and went to get the Dr. Looks like I am allergic to it. It was decided that I would have anti histamine drug to calm the symptoms, this worked and the cisplatin was started again at a slower rate which would mean we were at the hospital for longer than we thought. All was done, I has potassium and sodium chloride put with no problems. I was having a lovely sleep after my high as a kite session on the steroid drug when the tingly burning feeling in my throat started again. This time my chest got very tight, I pushed the bell, no nurse came in so after a couple more seconds I gasped to Siobhan to get the nurse which she did. I had oxygen which seemed to have settled it. Now I am waiting for the magnificent Alimta to be put through and then we will get home, what time will that be, who knows , it is 6:45 pm now.

 My bear from the Warriors, I decided to call him Nimble which was my dads nick name when he was younger. He watched over me all day, my warrior bear holds all of the warrior prayers : )
 The first try with Cisplatin, caused an allergic reaction.
 Being sensible, this is the start of the steroid high!
 Still pretty sensible.
 Not for long, things to do with chemo when your bored, make a pair of glasses.....
 Make a mustache, this is all I could do as Siobhan was worried I was going to ruin something.

My second attempt with the chemo, this seemed to work but got another reaction later.

Well, all finished by 7:30 pm, not before the cisplatin had the last word. I got tight and breathless again as the piriton had worn off. I managed to get settled and was given another dose of piriton before I left. We all got home about and no one cooked, we had an Indian curry which I thoroughly enjoyed. I am now in bed, watching TV, doing my blog and ready to hit the hay. Hope nothing happens in the night, I have to ring the hospital if there are any complications.

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