Sunday, 13 May 2012

Getting back up.

I didn't do much yesterday, stayed home and caught up on the washing. Kieran had his suit case full of clothes that had, had not been worn. Which was which, I don't know so I washed it all. I also found an unused wash bag, don't know why I was surprised, he is a typical teenage boy. Minutes spent washing are precious minutes that he could be having fun.
He went into the city centre and met his dad, they are collecting for the relay for life event they are doing.
He then came home, had a play on his xbox and then off to his dads.

I called Dr M yesterday about my mistletoe. He is now working in Switzerland. I told him my oncologist didn't want me taking mistletoe with the chemo treatment. He advised that there was no issue with it interfering with what the chemo needs to do. I was so happy to hear this. Dr M said he would speak to Dr D if need be. Dr M is such a lovely man, so helpful. He has ordered me some more mistletoe from Germany. I will sort that out tomorrow.
Now I have to convince Dr D that I will be taking it alongside my chemo. Will he refuse to treat me? I don't think he will but I am not having the treatment without the mistletoe. I have so much faith in it and have taken it for such a long time.

Today I feel a lot better, I feel like I have 'ME' coming back again. The sun is out and the tears seem to be drying up. I have decided to go to work tomorrow and Tuesday. Wednesday I see Dr D. I hope he can agree with me were the mistletoe is concerned.


Jan said...

If Cryo wasn't so far away it would certainly knock those larger tumours out and Theo would certainly feel that. As for the other trials, Penn seems to carry out loads but as you say its the States and too far for us to keep coming and going. Once our meso is moving at such a rate I wonder whether trials should be the second approach and standard chemo the first.

Keep the strength up Debs xxxx

Debbie said...

I agree Jan, you have a good break honey and stay strong. Sending you all my love x x