Monday, 14 May 2012

Good day today

I went to work this morning after seeing Kieran off to school. It was tipping down, a really miserable day but for some reason I feel on top of the world. Fell like I could conquer anything today, sorry Theo....looks like I'm back!!!

I got to work and settled into my seat and set up my computer. I took calls for 3 hours and was supported once again by a very new friend, Nikki. Things have changed so much in 2 and half years so it was lovely to have her sitting with me and listening in.
My face book friend, Kathy is in the same position as me, she doesn't have meso but another cancer, she was working today. It is good to speak to someone in the same position, she had a good day at work too. Monday, your not so bad after all.

After work I got home to a wonderful surprise, flowers and a teddy bear from Angela, Tracey and the warriors. The flowers are lovely, the teddy is so cute, he is now my fighting buddy, I need a name for him so will be looking out for suggestions.
I answered the door to my lovely friend Mandy who got me a little plant for the garden, it's so good to see her and I didn't cry once while I was chatting to her. We do have a good chuckle about things, I think we both have the same sense of humour.
 Warrior Ted needs a name......
 ....... A lovely gift from my warrior friends x x

I am off out to eat with Richard tonight and to see how far things are with the new charity. We will have a good catch up, it has to be a good 2 months since I have seen him.
All in all it has been a wonderful day, I hope every day is like this : )

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