Monday, 28 May 2012

Great night last night.

We had a brilliant night last night. Kieran's dad had helped organise a quiz night to raise funds for cancer research. Myself, Kieran, my sister Wendy, her son Chris and his girlfriend, Caroline, made up team Marvel. We had a fun time trying to fathom out the questions and resigned ourselves to the fact that we were not going to win but as there was a losers trophy, we decided to aim for that. Well.... no contest, we did a really bad job and lost. Excellent, Kieran went up to be presented with our trophy for being the bottom of the score board, there was a time when we did worry that our score was getting better and we wouldn't get the wooden spoon trophy, we need not have worried. We showed off our showed off our winning prize, we were all so proud of it.
We even played our joker to get double scores and still lost, it was great fun, we are going to share the trophy, I think it will look great next to my ADAO award.
I went into town today to meet my friend, Carolyn, for a coffee, I haven't seen her for a couple of weeks so it was great to have a catch up. We had a Devon cream tea with a coffee, yummy and then off to Thortons for a lovely drink.

The  South West mesothelioma support group meeting is on Wednesday, it will be good to catch up with everyone. I have surprised myself with how well I feel. After a bad start to the chemo I seem to have come out of it relatively unscathed. Apart from the rash, which is manageable, All is good. I have been putting an Aloe Vera cooling gel on it. It is like an after sun preparation but works really well, I was quite itchy in the night, probably because it is hot as well, I put that on and it really did help. I am also taking an anti histamine when I need to. Next week I will be having the second round of chemo. I don't want the cisplatin again due to having an allergy to it and hope I can change to carboplatin, I shall see what Dr D says. I will take my mistletoe tonight, I think this is why I feel so well, I would like to think so.
 Even playing our joker didn't up our score.

He  did so well with his 12 hour music marathon, so far he has raised £100. Well done Kieran x x
 Kieran proudly showing off our winning losers trophy, he was presented with it on behalf of Team Marvel : )
 My sister Wendy with our grand losers prize.
 Caroline looks very proud of the trophy, she is the first to take it home and display it.
 Me with the wonderful losers spoon.
 My nephew Chris, looking very happy with his losing achievements.
 Kieran with the trophy we worked hard at to earn, Well we didn't have to work to hard : )

Cream tea in town today, First trip in town since I had chemo 2 weeks ago.

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