Saturday, 26 May 2012

Itchy, itchy, itchy!!!

The last 2 days have been uncomfortable, I thought I had sunburn and was curious as to why as I hadn't really sat out in the sun. I put aloe vera on which seemed to calm it. My neck and chest are so itchy. I have since found out after talking to my warrior friends that it could be alimta causing it.
I took an anti histamine which seemed to work last night. I will be driving today so don't want to take another one as they make me so sleepy.

I am imagining that Theo is not happy and is fighting back. The itching, the allergy to cispaltin, is this him trying to kick out the stuff that will knock his back side out into orbit? I hope so, I hope he is not happy and that he decides I have made him so uncomfortable that he wants to move out. Come on you slob of a man, out, out, out!!!

Theo is getting well known around the world, he was mentioned in a blog yesterday. He may become one of the most hated people in the world. I made a deal with him when we first met that I wouldn't blast him with chemo if he didn't grow, he didn't keep to his part of it so, out ya go!!! Take a gap year, do something put stop encroaching on my territory, and in my best West Country accent, GET OFF OF MOI LAAANNDDD!!!!!

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