Monday, 21 May 2012

Just got up.

It's 8:21 am and I have just dragged my poor sorry back side out of bed. Still feeling tired but better than the last couple of days. It feels like the nausea has kicked in, yuk!!
Kieran just stirring, he says he has a sore throat, he mentioned it n Friday too but over the weekend no mention at all. I am hoping that his dad will take him to the Dr's to get checked out, I think he is fine but I am just mum aren't I.
I am sure he will be fine at school. It's at times like this I miss not having a partner who can help out and knows what needs to be done. At the moment I couldn't give a toss about anything, I want to get this feeling out of the way and get my old self back again. Damn chemo!!!

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Jan said...

This will pass quickly, although it is no fun when you are on your own, not that having someone there makes it go away but you feel at least you can call out!

Keep warm, put the TV on and don't move much.
Love Jan xxx