Sunday, 27 May 2012

Lovely weekend.

Yesterday was another beautifully sunny day. Kieran stayed at his dads, he did a 12 hour music marathon on his radio channel. He made £60 for cancer research which was wonderful. Well done Kieran : )

In the afternoon I arranged to meet my friend, Mandy, at a local tabletop sale. Typical me, got to the church hall, thought this is quiet, looked at my texts... wrong one!!!..... Silly me
So Siobhan, David and I turned the car round and went to the right one, All was underway when we got there, the palce was jam packed with people, We couldn't get near the tables. We were just looking around when, crash, a teapot was smashed, this was the second one to go.... ooopps!!
We decided that there wasn't a lot on offer so decided to leave. We had paid 20p to get in and were about to leave when Siobhan spotted there was more going on down stairs. So Mandy and I turned around and came back in, Bouncer granny on the door bellowed at us "it's 20p entrance fee, 20p". Mandy turned to her and said we had already paid, an apologetic lady answered back. We carried on down the stairs where there were a lot of toys, I know what Siobhan was looking for, my little ponies.

She wasn't disappointed, she found a box full of them. Well done Siobhan, Mandy picked up a few bits for her grand daughter and we left. We went for a cuppa at the local garden centre, Siobhan and David wanted milk shake while Mandy and I had a tea and a coffee. A banana and a strawberry milk shake was ordered, what arrived was 1 glass with banana and strawberry milk shake??? 1 very confused young girl who had already to an age to make that one. We got our cuppas and went and sat down, the milk shakes would be brought over. The girls behind the counter were very young and looked like new starters, they took such a long time to do anything, such a shame they didn't have supervision as it must have been very stressful for them.
Today the weather changed completely, it has rained all night. Where is the sunshine?
I took Kieran to the shop to get a pizza base mix as he said he wanted to make pizza for his lunch. He did well, he mixed it all, kneaded it, and let it rise, well warm place for the dough... yes.. the oven, no Kieran, not yet : )
He made it and baked it while I dealt with an emergency dash to the vets.

Basil, our neighbourhood stray, came in. I heard Siobhan say hello to him and then let out a shocked cry that he was dragging his back leg. Poor thing had a really swollen paw, he struggled along the passage way and tried to go up stairs. I rang the vets right away and was told to ring the local RSPCA who told me the vets should be dealing with it. All because he is a stray. I told them if all this fuss would stop I would say he was my cat, poor thing was suffering. Siobhan and David went down to the house where they thought Basil lived, while I was on the phone Basil was in the cat box and was starting to lay down, Kieran said his breathing was sounding funny, he was worried. I told the people on the phone what was happening and said I would bring him down right away.
I thought he may have been knocked by a car as he couldn't put weight on his leg. I got him in the car and drove to the vets. I went in and was taken to a side room to wait for the vet. Siobhan called me while I was waiting, It turns out that the house Siobhan and David went to was where he lived. He had been missing for about 18 months, his name is Diego.
The vet came in and looked Basil over, she said that he had been bitten, he had a very high temperature but his colour was good. Poor thing, we hadn't seen him at all yesterday which was unusual as we see him every day. I think he has been laying low since he was injured and in this heat was probably dehydrated as well.
He was given anti biotics and taken through to the kennels in the vets and I made my way home.
The lady who owns him came over later and said he was now home and resting, she was going to keep him in for a few days but was sure he would wander again. I have told her that if she was thinking of rehoming him, we would take him as he seems to like it at our house.
We shall see what happens, poor Basil, so glad he is safe and had not got hit by a car.

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