Friday, 25 May 2012

More sunshine!!

The weather has been glorious this week and today is no different, the sun is shining so strongly outside. Kieran has gone off to school, sun glasses and a hay fever tablet for his journey. He and his class are doing the assembly at school this morning, I am hoping to go but I have told him I need to know how I feel first.
I took a while to get on top yesterday. I went shopping with Siobhan and David and felt like my body was a lead weight, my energy is zapped. I really want to go to his assembly but I know I have to be sensible about things as well.
I picked up my sick note yesterday afternoon and my GP has signed me off for a month, I was so disappointed as I wanted to get back to work before the next cycle of chemo. I have to listen to my body though and take my time, it has had a real bashing, especially with the allergy.
I didn't go to my friend Chrissy's last night after all. I was so tired and didn't want to drive out and back feeling wobbly so I turned it down. There will be other times I am sure.

My system has been upside down since the first cycle, I sound like Rab C Nesbitt after a curry and a crate of ale, I am hiccuping and belching uncontrollably which is embarrassing when I am out and about in company, The bottom burps, as Mavis calls them, aren't as bad but still a nuisance, It must be something all cancer patients experience unless I am out there on my own, how do my friends put up with me : )

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