Sunday, 20 May 2012

Cauliflower cheese for tea.

My friend, Chrissy, came over to see me last night. We had a chat and a curry and it was so good to see her. Thank you so much for the flowers Chrissy.
I had a good nights sleep last night. I got up this morning feeling like I haven't slept at all. I am going to have another restful day today, I don't really have much choice. I feel completely different to the person I was on Thursday. I was active, mobile and well. Today I feel like I have aged 45 years. My breathing is a little better, still tight. I got myself down stairs and fad the cats, fussy things. I got them some oh so fishy cat food, not your average cat food, noses turned up. Not even putting down their favourite biscuits with them would encourage them to eat it. So, spoilt cats, back to their one they like. They are happy now, had breakfast and gone out for a wander. Kieran hasn't got up yet. He made flap jacks yesterday. Chrissy and I had one each with a cup of tea yesterday and they were delicious. He has decided he is going to make ginger bread men today, Siobhan has been helping him. I think he enjoys going to the shop on his own and buying his ingredients. He will be doing his 12 hour music marathon soon. He loves his radio DJ days so it will be a long one. He has decided to do the 150 songs of the millennium. I am sure he will do well and raise money for cancer research.
I am going to sign off and get a coffee and park my backside for the day. Thank you every one for all your good wishes. I do appreciate it : )

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