Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Oh what a night.....

I had a fabulous day in work, really enjoyed it. I went out in the evening with Richard from the national asbestos helpline. We are getting closer to launching the charity. We went to the Barbican and saw a few of the wonderful sites of Plymouth, some I would rather he didn't see. I showed him the Mayflower steps where the Pilgrim fathers left for America in 1620. He hadn't seen them before, I also showed him the Tudor house and the Elizabethan house. The streets are so tiny, it hasn't changed a lot and is kept as authentic as possible. I showed him where the private shop was and told him where the red light district is. We also had the pleasure of seeing a couple of the local alcoholics, one a man, one a woman. The woman decided that as she passed it would be a good time to have a wee on the pavement.... poor Richard. So a good tour of Plymouth I think : )

We found a little Greek restaurant called Shirley Valentines and had a meal. I had some little chick pea nuggets and chocolate cake for dessert. I also had a crumbly biscuit with my coffee, wrong thing to do. I choked on it. Poor Rich watching me coughing and spluttering.

We left the restaurant and Richard took me home. It was good to see him and we will meet agin at the meso support group meeting on 30th May.

I went off to bed and tried to get to sleep, no joy with that. i was coughing and spluttering until around 1:30am. I think I need another dilatation for my TOF. While trying to get to sleep after the coughing episode I felt so hot, I was having a fever caused by the mistletoe. I forget a lot about how it works, having a fever is good, I can't take anything for it, my immune system has to take charge and bring the fever down. I was laying in bed shivering but feeling hot and debating about getting out of bed to go to the toilet. I had to go so got myself out, typical, now i have cramp in my foot!!! So there I am shivering and shaking, trying to walk to the bathroom with cramp in my foot, what a sight!
I got up quite late this morning, I was feeling so tired but I did get up, have a lovely bath after Kieran had left for school and got myself ready for work. I had a good day again. Nikki and all the team have become a bit more that just being on a team, we are friends. When it was time for me to go they all wished me well for Thursday and I had some lovely hugs which made me feel good. Tomorrow I have an appointment with my oncologist in the afternoon where I have to tell him I am not stopping the mistletoe, I have faith in it. It has helped me so much and I feel I need it with the treatment.
I hope he can understand that, we shall see.

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