Friday, 25 May 2012

On the up.

Today has been very restful, it has been so hot that I haven't ventured out. I was a bit wobbly this morning so didn't go to Kieran's assembly which I would love to have done. I stayed home and got the washing sorted out. Just carrying the basket upstairs was enough to make me feel weak. I did it though and was proud of that.
This afternoon I had my lunch and laid on the sofa, I went out like a light, slept for about an hour. I felt so much better when I woke up. What a picture, Stork and Amber kitten and me all sparked out on sofas and chairs!
I am going to get a little more motivated tomorrow, I am meeting my friend, Mandy, at a table top sale, we are going to have a rummage around. Siobhan and David are coming along too, should be fun.
Kieran is doing his music marathon tomorrow in aid of cancer research, he is doing so well, he has around £80 so far for doing the relay next week and will hopefully raise some more with his marathon. He is playing 150 songs of the millennium staring at 12 pm and finishing at 12 am, it will be a long day for him and I will be listening in. I have added the links for donating and for requesting a song as it may not take him 12 hours to get through the 150 songs.  (Kieran's radio) (Fund raising page)

Copy and paste the links for more information.

I am so proud of Kieran and what he has done to raise money, well done Bean.

I also have to say a huge well done to my daughter, Siobhan who has got a grant from the Princes trust to start her own business. I am very proud of you Siobhan, I am sure you will make it a success. 
Siobhan will be printing t-shirts, bags, cards and other merchandise on an online shop.

The chemotherapy treatment was harsh to start with but has since got a lot better, I haven't lost my appetite and have felt tired, not too bad considering. I do wonder if the mistletoe has something to do with it, I would like to think so.

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