Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Oncologists today.

I have just returned from the hospital where my oncologist has told me the news I didn't want to hear. My meso has progressed. We talked about me having a break away with the children before I start treatment as I have decided to try the chemo in the UK. My oncologist doesn't want me to use mistletoe. He says it can cause other side affects, this has upset me as it did so well last time.
I have decided to hit it head on and start chemo next week. So out come the wigs again because he says I will lose my hair. That isn't a bad thing though as I love my wigs.
So I have had a blood test today, got weighed and measured for my height. Quite surprised that I am 9 stone as I thought I was 7 lbs heavier than that.
And there you have it, just started back to work as well. I now have a 3 week course of chemo, I hope that there are improvements. Germany is not an option, it is too much money and everyones lives are turned upside down, not just mine. That is why I have said I would try this chemo.

Imaging Report

History : Mesothelioma. Assess response.

Comparison was made with the scan of February 2012

Findings: There is being a small but definite increase in the size of the soft tissue disease in the mediastinum, & neck. The supraclavicular gland has increased from 7 to 9mm. The left apical mass is increased 27 to 30mm. The left internal mammary gland is increased from 14 to 15mm. The aortopulmonary nodes are also slightly increased in size. The disease in the left base is also larger.

In addition there is an increase in the pulmonary disease in the contralateral lung.
The index lesion at the right base as increased from 5 to 10mm. There is also a lesion seen superior to this measuring 15mm which is new. The disease abutting the right hemidiaphragm also shows an increase in volume.
The other pulmonary nodules , thought to be inflammatory, in both lungs are slightly improved. There is no evidence of disease in the upper abdomen.

Conclusion : Progessive disease, particularly in the right hemithorax. The mediastinal and left basal disease has however increased in size slightly also.

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