Sunday, 6 May 2012

Paignton with friends

I went to paignton with Chrissy yesterday. Our friend, Jayne, had taken her caravan to a camping park and is there for the weekend. We met Jayne and Cheryl, our other friend and spent the afternoon chatting and having chips and cups of tea. We took a walk around Paignton sea front, it was so busy. Bank holiday weekends usually are, there was a bike rally going on as well.
I found a lovely top in a charity shop. One thing that did amuse us was when looking in a shoe shop we sam a stiletto shoe with a hold up stocking attached. It was all together!! What happens if I ladder me tights, we all thought. Would that be the end of the shoes?
I didn't take a photo as the guy in the shop knew we were sniggering and was watching everything we were doing. Outside the shop we found something else that amused us. A basket with shoes in it. The price sign said "one for 50p 2 for a £1", confused? So were we, is that a shoe for 50p and the other one for a £1 or a pair for 50p and 2 pairs for a £1...... Mmmmm yes........ Where is the bargain? Either way there isn't one.

We left Paignton about 5:30-6:00pm and got something to eat, we went back to Chrissy's place for another cup of tea and watched a DVD, slum dog millionaire.
I got home around 11 pm and just felt so miserable, I have had a such a lovely day. The CT blues are on their way. I kept thinking about getting Wednesday out of the way, all this brings back the reality of what is going on in my life, Theo has his hands on my shoulders and whispering in my ear that he is behind me, does he mean behind me as in support or behind me as in he is moving in.

I went to a car boot sale with Siobhan and David yesterday, not much happening, we were a little late going but she did find a little sylvanian bear. We had lunch at Endsleigh garden centre and her little bear joined us : )

 At the holiday park to see Jayne and Cheryl.
 Scratching my head at this bargain ???? puzzling.
I found a new pet : )


Karen said...

Hope you're feeling more like your smiley self today, even if it is a rainy bank holiday. Keeping everything crossed for you! Keep smiling! Karen x

Debbie said...

Thanks Karen x x