Thursday, 3 May 2012

Polling day and work.

I woke up my usual time this morning, went into the Bean and informed him I would only call him once to get ready for school. He mumbled a tired "why"? Why, I said, because you have school. No I don't was his reply, Do'h.... it's polling day..... oh no, I could have had another half hour!!!
I am feeling all bunged up and yukky today, think it is the contrast dye from yesterday.
I finished work, got home, dishwasher not done by the Bean, could have put a bet on that one. I then went down to vote, I couldn't take my car down. There was a notice on the gates that were shut which couldn't be seen while driving. When I got to the gates I saw there was a phone number to call if you were disabled. The polling station is such an awkward place to get too as it is on a busy road. It was not going to be helpful to anyone who did have to drive through. I walked down, voted and then back to the car. A little rest and then back home.

I am still not liking this new look blogger, it is so different. I have used the old one since I started my blog so this one is a whole new ball game. Everything is shifted and so hard to navigate around the page. I will get used to it, I intend too, the blog must go on!!!

I am pleased to say I have completed a video for the warriors. It is lovely even though I say it myself. The music is available on iTunes. The first song is "Lazing in the sun" written and produced by Glenn Boulton. It is sung by Derren Boulton and Jacque Lewis. Glenn's father in law had mesothelioma and is sadly no longer here so it makes the song even more special as it was written with mesothelioma in mind. It is 79p on iTunes and proceeds still go to the Marie Curie Cancer Care as far as I know.

The second song, "time is a bottle" is so beautiful, such lovely words. One of my all time favourite songs. It is sung by Jim Croce who wrote it for his unborn son, it has some lovely words in it.

It can be found in my channel, Phuphita.

Please feel free to let me know what you think either on youtube or via my email :

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