Saturday, 19 May 2012

Very tired day.

Yesterday I spent the day sleeping. I was so tired but managed to potter about and do a few things. Kieran went off to school and Siobhan went out to a meeting so it was me and the kitties asleep all day.
My chest was a little tight throughout the day, nothing major so I just went along with it.
Everything was fine, I had an early night, put the tv on in my room and relaxed. I eventually dozed off at around 10 pm and slept until 3:30 am.I woke up to go to the bathroom and on the way back to bed was getting very tight chested. I was sure this was the cisplatin allergy as it felt the same. I thought a bought calling the out of hours surgery but I know I have to wait for a call back and was feeling that this was quite urgent. I dialled 999 and gave all my details and symptoms. When I put the phone down I knocked on siobhan's door to let her know what was going on. She turned the lights on and opened the door ready for the paramedic. I made my way down stairs and by the time i got there the breathlessness really took hold. Siobhan rang 999 again just to let them know it had got worse, with that the paramedic arrived in a rapid personae car. He took my stats and was worried about my heart rate as it was low. My oxygen says we're fine. I made my way to the car and the paramedic took me to casualty. This was about 4:00am and I was eventually seen around 6:00 am. The dr I saw was lovely, she agreed with me that it sounded like the allergy, she got me a piriton tablet and it seemed to do the trick right away. She was worried about the low heart rate but this has been mentioned before, one of my gps told me i had the heart of an athlete because they always have a slow heart rate. It was lower than normal but seems to have righted itself.I got myself a taxi, what a sight, me in my Jamie's and dressing gown at 6: 30 am in the morning coming into my house! First thing I did, hit the pillow and I was asleep. Hoping for a quiet day today x

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