Monday, 7 May 2012

Work and packing for the Bean.

I went to work this morning, Kieran was with his dad as it is bank holiday Monday.
I got home at around 2:00pm as I had to stop off at the shops and get some odd bits for Kieran, new swimming trunks, shoes and travel bands because he gets travel sick. He is off on a school trip tomorrow, away for the whole week.
I have offered to take him into school as he has a suit case, back pack and bag with his welly boots.
It is such a lot to carry, He has informed me that the bus does have a place for suit cases and is insisting on doing it himself.
I am so proud of him and hope he doesn't have any issues on the way in. He is taking his phone so will call me when he arrives at school, I will miss him, he is such a wonderful boy, so grown up.

My CT blues are alright at the moment, had a bad case of them at the weekend. It takes me right back to the day of diagnosis, I know how much time I have had, far more that I was told I would have. But I want more time, more moments to enjoy with my children. I am not going to be a passenger on the meso train, I am going to be in charge. I hope Theo is still in a good mood and treats me well on Wednesday, I hope his suit case is packed and he will be gone for months, even years.

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