Wednesday, 20 June 2012

And another great day.

Surprise, surprise...Kieran was up and out of bed before me this morning, shock, horror!!!!
He got up, had breakfast, got dressed and sorted out his school bag.
Well done Bean x x
I took Siobhan up to the Dr's and picked up a letter that was waiting for me.
The weather os dry today, yesterday was beautiful. It is very cloudy today but the sun is trying to peep through.
I was off out again today to see more friends, Mandy and Jacqui. We met at Endsleigh garden centre for lunch. We had a lovely time chatting, some cheeky chat about the latest craze in books, shades of grey....oooeerr Mrs!!! It's all about naughty bits.... I should have put my fingers in my ears are start singing La la la la la!!! It was a great afternoon, so good that we forgot the time.
I picked up a lemon juicer as my last one had broken. It is a lovely place to look around, some beautiful things there with a very expensive price tag.
Just as we finished our lunch the rain started, oh yippeee .... lets have more rain!
Tomorrow I am seeing my sister, Wendy, we are taking Mr Spoon out for some adventures before he returns to his homeland at the community centre. I am looking forward to it, crazy I know, but whos counting : )

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