Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Another wonderful day : )

I was thinking of Rose, Di and Kenneth today as they celebrate the life of their hero, Norman. Sending love to you all x x x

Kieran was up late again, called him twice to get up and told him I would only do it twice. His bus leaves at 8:05 am so he managed to drag himself out of bed at 7:55am. "Oh god" he exclaimed when he came down and looked at the clock, he ran upstairs, quick change, grab lunch box and breakfast then a speedy run to the bus stop.
I have told him this evening that I will call him twice this week, once next week and not at all the week after. We shall see what happens : )

I went out to see my friend Ali this morning, she is such a lovely spirit to be around. She lives in Ali world which is happy, fun and full of bubbles and bouncy bunnies with scowls on their faces.
On the way I decided to get her some flowers, I stopped in the garage, filled Halo, my little car, went to the service desk to pay. The cashier told me the total, it was £3 more?? I queried this, the cashier went through it again, strange I thought, then I remembered, dozy mare, I bought some stickers as well and they were already in my bag!! Damn chemo brain, or is it a senior moment, who knows.... We laughed about it and I paid and left the garage to head for Ali's place.
I got there and there she was waiting outside, all smiley and beautiful. She had been baking so it was coffee and home made cake, slurp.... It was beautiful. I said did she want to go for a coffee in Chaplins, she agreed but asked if I would mind if we went to a bridal shop near her as she is getting married next year.
I agreed, I haven't been wedding shopping since I got married 16 years ago, yes it's Kieran's age as well,  I had a bit of a podge when I got married : )
Ali tried on 7 dresses, she looked beautiful in every single one. We left the bridal shop and went back to Ali's, had a quick coffe before she went to pick her children up this afternoon.

Ali doing her very best Nigella pose with her lovely home made cake : )

The sun has been shining all day, It has been such a glorious day.
I went onto Chaplins after I droped Ali off and picked up some stickers, eyes and such like for Mr Spoon, he will be having an adventure on Thursday : )
I also picked up some butterfly wall stickers for my bedroom. I want to make it my special place, I also picked up a notice board to put in my bedroom. I am going to put my cards from the warriors on it, they need a special place.
It was then back home to see Kieran and Siobhan, She has been busy paining her workshop and has started to move in. I am so very proud of her, she has done so well and I hope her business takes off, she deserves it.

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