Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Blood test and Dr D.

I got up early this morning as I had a blood test between 8:30 and 9:00. Kieran was going to go out but after he rang his friend, he was disappointed to find out he wasn't going after all. He found this really hard to deal with and got quite angry with my washing basket.
I went out to the hospital, it was emptying down, had the blood test done, no B12 jab. I would be seeing Dr D in the afternoon so would try and remember to discuss this with him.
I went home, still raining, even worse than when I came out of the house. I got some lunch for Kieran and myself and then had a bit of quiet time before setting off again.
I set off for the hospital again at around 1:40 pm for my 2:00 pm appointment. The weather was a lot better, even a little sun shine peeping through. I went in the room with Dr D, he told me he wanted me to be honest so I was. He knew I had the allergy to Cisplatin on the Thursday I had the chemo. I explained to him that I went into A and E on the Saturday with breathing difficulties. He was puzzled by this as he said the Cisplatin should have been out of my system. Still puzzled, he said the Dr in A and E should have given me steroids as well as the piriton. So what do we do now, he was suggesting to dose me up with anti histamine and hydrocortisone but after thinking about it, felt the risk was too high as I was getting an anaphylaxis reaction. Dr D rang the ward to tell them he wants to use Carboplatin, I was so pleased as I had suggested it and he was unsure. The bloods were good, white cells were down a little but not enough to warrant a transfusion.

 Our fabulous English weather.
I left Dr D's office and went down to the pharmacy to see the chemist. I gave him the mistletoe information, Dr D came down and explained that he wanted me to take steroids for a couple of weeks with me gauging how I feel and controlling the dosage. All done, I went out to my car...hang on a minute, the last time I had steroids 24 hours before treatment as well. I thought I should ask, I was right, the chemist had forgot about them in all the confusion with the other steroids so, all ready for Friday, Next appointment is 27th June, hopefully I will be well enough for action mesothelioma day, I don't want to miss it : )

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