Monday, 18 June 2012

Catch up.

I did my mistletoe this evening. Dr Orange has said to take 20mg on Monday, 20mg on Wednesday and 40mg on Friday. I did Friday's jab and did get a little more of a reaction to it. 
I am sure it is what helps me feel so well, i have so much faith in it. Next one Monday 20mg and will contact Dr Orange to let him know how I have got on. I haven't had any fevers yet, no redness and no itching apart from the 40mg when I got a reaction for about 2 hours.

I had a busy day on Saturday, catching up with friends. I met Jan, my friend from Exeter, at the theatre royal in Plymouth. She had booked to see a show and we took the opportunity to have a coffee and a catch up. I also met my friend Chrissy there. We talked about how long ago we had seen each ohter, nearly 2 years! I couldn't believe it had been so long. Jan lost her husband, Russ, to meso and has become a good friend. It was so lovely to see her. Thank you so much for the dragonfly card Jan, it is beautiful.
Chrissy and I left Jan to see the show and then went off for lunch with Avis and Jayne. We went to the Wetherspoons pub in union street. The food was lovely. As Chrissy had invited us all to her place for the evening, I just hung out with her. Avis left us after lunch, Jayne, Chrissy and I had a wander round town. I bought a weekend bag as I am away with the girlies next week, we are going to Woolacombe for the weekend. I haven't been there since Siobhan and Rich were small, it is a lovely place.
After our potter around town, Chrissy and I headed back to her place, we met Jayne back there. Later in the evening our other friend, Anita, came round and we had a great night. Jayne said she would read Anita's tarot cards, Chrissy had some and Jayne had read hers. She hadn't done it before and did a good job, I said i would have mine read, we shall see what happens. Lots about making decisions I don't want to make with work and people demanding attention. Not sure what it all means but will see if anything does come out. I am a bit of a sceptic.

Fathers day and another busy day. Kieran stayed at his dads last night, he will be back today. Siobhan, Davisd and I went to B&Q, yes I know....back there again!!! ...... We went to get some wood preserver for Siobhan's workshop. When we got back, Kieran was walking up the road, good timing. I left Siobhan and David with he Bean while I went off to the cemetery, once again my dads vase is missing. My cousin Robert's was there though. I left them some flowers and sat with my thoughts for a few moments, reflecting on how much I missed them both.
I always challenge myself when I walk back up to my car fro the remembrance garden. Sometimes I can do it with out being breathless and other times I struggle, today was good, i managed it without struggling, it was such a lovely day. Very busy there because of fathers day. I left some flowers for 2 friends as well, Debbie and Jane, both in their 40s and taken far too soon x x
I got home, persuaded Kieran to have tea at his dads and then off to Jayne's for a roast. After the roast we had strawberries and cream, I had a chocolate, I love chocolate but at the moment it is tasting awful. My little taste buds are all messed up, the tinny taste doesn't help. This is coming from someone who is an absolute chocoholic!! I have a box of chocolates in my fridge that have been there for 2 weeks. I want to enjoy them and at the moment I don't.
I have been feeling very bloated over the past few days. Mary, my USA friend and personal nurse, says it's slow transit. The digestive system seems to come to a stop. I feel like I eat my meal and it just sits and doesn't move. Because I get reflux as well  I dare not cough. I had my meal at Jayne's and that is exactly what happened. I had to relieve myself of a little of my meal. Once done I feel so much better.
After leaving Jayne's, I love her roasts : ), I went to see my sister and pick up Mr Spoon. This is the award we had won for a quiz night a few weeks ago. I had a chat with her, we compared notes and caught up on all that has gone on since we last saw each other. Then it was off to pick Kieran up from his dads. He had made chocolate buns there and brought some home. Well done Bean : )

Mr Spoon is back!!! This is my award Mantle : )

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