Thursday, 7 June 2012

Chemo tomorrow.

Had a lazy morning, Basil the stray has come back and been with us since his return. Amber and Stork let him know who is boss and they all seem to respect that, especially Basil.
I have got chemo tomorrow, got to be at the hospital for 10, will get there a little earlier as I need to get some more folic acid tablets as I forgot to pick them up on Wednesday.
I noticed this morning that my pillow had a few hairs on it, fallout number 3 me thinks, oh well, dust off the wigs and lets enjoy the fun with changing them round and confusing even more people : )

I took steroids this morning, my usual ones for 3 days plus the prednisol Dr D gave me,,, wooooo..... here we go, I got rid of the charity gags, the recycling glass and the carrier bags that have built up when we go shopping, so off to Tescos I went to off load it all. Got home and vacuumed the front room, stairs and passage way. We had tea and then it was off to the cinema for a perfect tree, the visual treat of the wonderful Mr Johnny Depp and to top if off very nicely, he was dressed as a vampire.... yummy!!!
I went with Siobhan and Kieran, it was so good to spend time with them. Rich is home tomorrow, not sure how long he is staying but I am so looking forward to seeing him.

So it's bed and sleep then up for chemo, carboplatin and alimta. More drugs, even higher tomorrow me thinks : )

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