Friday, 22 June 2012

Fun day yesterday.

First things first and a very important announcement.

Mavis Nye, my gorgeous friend in Seasalter got her results from her latest scan......

WOO HOO!!! her Mr Nasty has shrunk!!!

WELL DONE MAVIS, So very proud of you.

Kieran was up and out of bed again, maybe he has turned a corner? He had a school trip and was worried about not getting to school on time. I contacted school and said he was anxious, they said they would wait for him. Kieran rang when he got to the city centre, he has to get 2 buses to school. He had missed his connecting bus. I rang school again while talking to him on his phone and asked his teacher if Kieran should meet him on Plymouth Hoe as they class would be going there. Kieran's teacher said yes that would be easier as the have an appointment time to keep, they were going to the Citadel for Arms forces day. Kieran made his way up to the Hoe, it was a little wet, he wasn't happy as he would have to wait 30 minutes for his class. While getting myself ready for my day i got a text through from Kieran "now i have a cold" it said, this made me smile, poor Bean, he doesn't like anything out of routine. I called back  at 9:35am to check if he had met his teacher, he had so all was good, that was until he got home. He had lost his bus pass, While Kieran had his rage about it all, I went upstairs out of the way. When  he eventualy calmed down, I told him I would call the bus company tomorrow and see if it has been handed in. He was more angry that he had to take money for the bus. He has gone off alright today, he will get a day rider and will be fine all day, thank goodness!!!

Back to me, I am feeling really good, I have my next chemo session next week. I went out with my sister, Wendy, yesterday. We have to return the spoon trophy to the community centre. We won it after being the lowest scorers at the cancer research quiz night we went to. We thought we would take the spoon out and about before it returned : ) We headed for Endsleigh garden centre.
Yes, crazy, we had so much fun, laughter is good, we expected to be stopped by one of the staff at the garden centre but no, we were left alone. It was brilliant.

Today I am off to Woolacombe with my friends, we are going for the weekend. It will probably rain all weekend but I am not fussed about that, I am spending the weekend with special people.

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