Friday, 15 June 2012

A very busy day.

I woke up early this morning because Rich and Roger were coming round to put up Siobhan's work shop. The weather is dry at the moment, I am really hoping that it stays dry all day for the lads. Kieran went off to school, I got sorted out and waited for them to arrive. They went off to B and Q first to get the materials.
When they arrived Richard brought all the materials up from his car, he made 2 journeys as he had a lot to collect.
Roger got on with preparing the surface were the house would be erected. Rich and I then made our way to the garage to bring up all the summer house pieces. He started to fit the doors together when he realised that the beading for the windows was missing, we had the long pieces but not the short. I went off to B&Q to get the pieces. When I got there the customer services girl announced over the loud speaker for someone to come over, after 5 - 6 minutes she did another announcement. An assistant came over and asked what the problem was.  I told him about the issue with no beading in the kit. He looked at me puzzled when I said I needed the shorter beading for the windows on the house to keep the glass in. Still looking puzzled, I had to spell it out to him, showing him a peice of beading I had and that I needed it shorter. Is arrogance and being unhelpful part of the job description? He told me I should have rang the number for customer services on the invoice. I should also pack up all the bits and wait for them to do an exchange. I told him it was already being built. He led me to the beading section of the store where he showed me the internal beading for trimming and such like, a big long strip of it, "that will do it" he said. I told him I wasn't going to buy anything as I had already paid for the house and the kit should be complete. I told him I would go back and ask what to do.
I went back home and told the boys about the issue, they said it would be fine if it has the depth to hold the pane of glass in.
Off I went again to B&Q and back to the customer services desk, this time it was someone else. I told her what I had told the previous assistant. She advised me to go to the garden centre area and speak to someone there. I got there, found a guy called Peter who I explained again what I wanted. He said he would have a look in the warehouse. While waiting I saw some plants, fox gloves and poppies, beautiful, why not, lets have them.
Peter returned after a few minutes with a bundle of beading wrapped and the right size. So there are some good people in B&Q.
I paid for my plants and off I went back home.
I recorded the erecting of the house in pictures. The lads have worked really hard all day, only stopping for a couple of bacon butties and cups of tea.
Thank you so much Richard and Roger, you are amazing people giving up your time to do this for us.

Who needs Nick Knowles when these guys are around, they are my heroes of the day : )

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