Saturday, 2 June 2012

Off to Looe!!

I am going to Looe tonight and staying over with my friends until tomorrow. Chrissy, Jayne, cheryl and I will be staying in Jayne's caravan, very cosy. It should be a good night.
Kieran is doing his relay for life today as well. He will be walking round a track in a relay with his team which included his dad. They will do this for 24 hours, Kieran has taken his duvet and pillow with him, he will be sleeping in a tent. Siobhan is at home looking after the kitties.

Next week I will be having my second cycle of chemo. I don't want cisplatin again as I had an allergic reaction to it so am hoping my oncologist changes me to carboplatin with the alimta.
Wednesday I have a blood test and will speak to Dr D about the next step.

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