Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Out to lunch with Siobhan and David.

Siobhan, David and I went to the chaddlewood pub in Plympton today. I t was so good to get out of the house and have some time out and some lunch. Siobhan and David had veggie burgers and I had a veggie Korma, it was lovely, I couldn't believe I ate the lot! I usually leave some, the steroids are certainly working. For dessert I had a treacle sponge with custard, it was lovely. I felt so full, this was really good for me and as my oncologist has told me, I need to be putting on weight. I think I have today : )
After lunch we did the weekly shop and then home in time for Kieran.
 Veggie Korma, this meal was lovely and with it being a little spicy was great as I didn't get too much of the metal taste. I haven't had chocolate for a while because it tastes so different.
 Ready to tuck in!!!
Treacle pudding and custard.... wonderful.

I have enjoyed today. I am hoping the weather stays dry this week. Richard from NAH is helping with the garden and bringing his friend with him. There are some lovely people in the world.
The hard core is going to be done on Friday, not sure if the house will be up or not. It's Siobhan's workshop, so exciting for her, she has been working so hard towards this and I hope it is successful for her, she deserves it.

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