Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Quick check in.

Thanks to my lovely FB friend Gillian for this lovely picture this morning.

I am feeling a bit more alive today, the symptoms of the chemo are slowly wearing off.
Kieran went off to school in his new coat and back pack. He told me Monday evening at 10 pm that he needed a new back pack.... yes Kieran, of course???
He managed yesterday with a carrier bag. I am not going to be too overzealous with getting back to normal. Chemo really rips into someone and I Feel for anyone going through it. It takes all the energy and strength from the body and a slow and relaxed recovery has to be the key, don't wear yourself out.
I might have done a little too much yesterday, went to B and Q and then to Matalan to get a few bits, I just needed to get out of the house, away from the four walls.
I am going to try and have a trundle out today, I do miss Halo, my little car, and am so pleased to get back in the driving seat.

Thank you so much to all those lovely people who have sent such wonderful messages, people who are going through the heart ache of losing someone taking the time to wish the family and I well, it is very humbling. I hope that this chemo really whips Theo's backside. For now I am feeling good and taking it slow, changed my beds this morning as the night sweats really make the duvet and sheets stink, horrible, so clean sheets tonight : )
I will remake it later, my energy levels were enough to take it off and I am sure I can remake it after a coffee and a good rest : )

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