Thursday, 28 June 2012

Todays adventures.

Kieran did well and got himself out of bed this morning., He had his breakfast, got dressed and went off to school.
I left the house around 8:40 this morning and drove to the hospital. I got there about 8:50, went up to the ward and settled in my room. I would be having a blood transfusion today, I was hoping it would be over by about 1 p.m. as I wanted to see my friend Ali as it is her 40th birthday today. No such luck, 2 bags of blood which would mean I would be in till around 4 p.m..
I asked if I could keep the cannula in my arm until tomorrow to save me the trouble of having a second one done, I was told it wouldn't be a bad idea but was later told that because I was going home it was safer to take it out.... boo.... not happy with that one, oh well, health and safety prevails.
Once it was all done I left the hospital and went home. I found an article written by Laura Kazan-Allen, she had listed an article with the names of land mark cases and the women behind them.

Nellie Kershaw - The first named victim of asbestos disease 1924

Nora Dockerty - The first succesful British asbestos claimant 1952

Nancy Tait       - Founder of the worlds first asbestos victims group 1978

Alice Jefferson - The focus of a landmark TV Documentary 1982

June Hancock  - The first successful environmental claimant 1995

Gina Lees        - A symbol of Britains third wave of asbestos disease 2000

And little old me up there with all these absolutely amazing ladies

I am described as

Debbie Brewer - 21st century warrior.

Thank you so much Laura, the article is wonderful.
It is in the latest issue of the Women and Environment international magazine Number 90/91 Spring/ Summer 2012.

Tomorrow is chemo day so up early and out by 8:40 again, a taxi this time as I know I will be too tired to drive due to the anti- histamines and steroids.
 2bags of blood to set me up for the chemo tomorrow. Thank you to all those who donate to help people like me, wish I could return the favour but I can't, just know that when you do it, you are helping so many people who are so grateful for this x x

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