Thursday, 28 June 2012

Update from Great Ormond Street Hospital.

I had a phone call today about the appeal for donors for a little girl in GOM hospital.

I was also sent this mail but didn't get it till I got back from my transfusion.
For some reason the lady thought I was called Elizabeth.

"Hi Elizabeth

I see that you have posted a blog about people coming to one of Great Ormond Street Hospital’s wards for testing today. We have enough people being tested so we really cannot accommodate any more people coming in.

Please can you either remove the blog or add the following comment from Great Ormond Street Hospital as soon as possible:

Thanks for your support.  We have enough people being tested so please do not come into the hospital or go to our cancer wards for testing.



Thanks For your kindness and patience and I hope that there is a donor found for this little girl : )

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