Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Update on Meso and TOF

I got to the hospital this morning and did my bloods, all nice and early so that Dr D can get the results.
I went into town, then home, then out again to the hospital to see Dr D.
I got to reception and was told I had to go to pathology again for more blood.
I was waiting outside the blood office when Dr D appeared. He told me that my blood count was down so he wanted a cross match as tomorrow he had booked me in for a transfusion. He told the nurses that he wanted it done before 2 as the courier was taking the bloods at that time. I went in at 1:58pm, hope the courier got the sample otherwise Dr D will be cross.

I had the blood done and then made my way up to Dr D's office. He called me in and asked me about my weight, he is certain of I have lost weight, he even made a point of asking if I put rocks in my knickers.... : ) I told him I had been eating very well, my appetite id good. We talked about the steroids, he wanted me to carry on the one a day. He had a think about it and then said that I am sensible (well, sometimes I am !) and I can judge wether I need the steroids or not. I told him I hadn't had any problems with the carboplatin. He was happy with that. He said my scan would be on 11th July and I would see him on 18th July, the week after the scan and I would get the results. He will also check on the TOF as this hasn't been looked at for a while and we need to know what it is doing. Dr D is such a lovely man, as I left his room he said he was hoping for good news with the scan, I hope so too.

I went and got myself weighed, bummer!!! I had lost weight, Dr D was right, I am going to have to try and eat a lot more, I need that weight, or maybe smuggling rocks in me knickers isn't such a bad idea after all.

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