Sunday, 10 June 2012

Wednesday : Chemo day, Cycle 2.

Wow, my hair when I got up this morning wasn't the usual mess I have. I had flick backs, not my style but I was impressed it wasn't all sticking up and out everywhere looking like I had been pulled through a hedge backwards 20 times last night!!!
Time to straighten it and get ready to go to have the next cycle of kicking Theo's backside!

I got a taxi into the hosptital today as I didn't know how I would be feeling. After the last chemo I was very wobbly. As Kieran is on school half term, Siobhan stayed home with him and I went alone.
I got to my room at the hospital and was met by the barrage of pills I have to take pre-chemo.

Nausea :
Emend - over the first 3 days of chemo

Steroids :
2 x Dexamethasone over first 3 days of chemo

Normal pills :
Levothyroxine : for under active thyroid
Estelle Duet : Hormone replacement therapy
3 x predniselone steroid for support with breathing issues at present

 Rattle, Rattle!!!

I was told I would be monitored all day at Dr D's request due to the allergy last time. The Dr did my
cannula, one attempt only, thank goodness. Nothing like being a pin cushion, it is so upsetting. all in and ready, to go I had saline first to flush it through, fluids and then Alimta (Permetrexed) which took about 10 minutes. Another flush through and then Carboplatin which took around an hour. It had a yellow bag put over it to protect it from the light.
After that it was a couple hours wait around to make sure there were no complications. I ordered a taxi and then off home. All went well. I got home and saw my son Richard, who had returned to Ireland, A brief visit from him as he was off to stay with his dad for a few days.
So its rest and relaxation for me. Hopefully not for long.

 First attempt, phew, always a good start.

 First course, Alimta (Permetrexed)
Second course, Carboplatin, The yellow bag protects it from the light.

 My hair when I got up this morning, I wonder if Vidal Sasoon paid me a visit last night :  )

Nimble bear and I. He was sent to me by the warriors, I named if after my dad, this was his nickname when he was younger. He is great company x x

Just thought I would share a little story, Kieran looked out of his bedroom window and saw a bus right at the top of the road, quite a way from us. He was bothered as it had been there for 10 minutes and not moved. He guessed that it had broken down so decided to take a look for himself. He went up the road on the bus to check it out and he was right. It had broken down : ) I love him and his little quirks, it's what makes him special x x

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