Sunday, 3 June 2012

What a great time we had in Looe.

I got myself ready yesterday morning, all packed, Kieran went to his dad's last night as he is doing his relay for life event. I made my way to my friend, Jayne's house to meet up with Chrissy and Cheryl. We were off for an over night stay in Looe. The journey down was quite smooth, we got caught in a couple of hold ups on the road due to the bank holiday traffic but we didn't have to wait long before we were moving again. We got to the holiday park where Cheryl and Jayne had the tough task of parking and stabalising the caravan. What a great team, Chrissy and I left them to it, we wouldn't have a clue what to do. We got in the van and got the essentials much beer had we brought with us??? We also had a bottle of whiskey and a huge bottle of lambrini. We went into Looe for the afternoon, it wasn't too busy. we bought some cakes and made our way back to ready ourselves for the evening run. Surely it was going to be exciting and busy, lots of live bands and some fun....wrong ....... it was so quiet. We got something to eat, we went into a pub and settled down to our meals, I have fish goujons and chips with peas. After that and lashings of Crabbies cider, we decided to move on to the next pub. More Crabbies, I also had a rum and coke .... it had to be done. We went from there to the next pub and got a seat, more Crabbies!!! Still very quiet, by 10:40pm the place was shutting down, it was off to a Chinese for Jayne and Chrissy to get some nibbles, we got a taxi back and settled into the caravan.
How can we be back here at 11:15pm??? what is wrong with Looe, where is the night life. Oh well, only one thing for it, a farting contest.... why not. : ) Jayne won hands down, no contest.
So here we are with a cup of tea and our jammies on before midnight. Well I forgot my jammies so I was in my dressing gown which I had remembered. We had a chat about the people around us, Kate and Camilla across the way with all their bunting out, Terry next door to us who came over to introduce himself, Heston Bloomingthal was all set up with his tent and Queenie who lives in a magnificent palace of a motor home. We found out she was in Benidorm so we didn't get to see her.
We got into our beds, Chrissy on the top bunk, now that was something to see, poor Chrissy struggling to get into it. I was underneath and Cheryl and Jayne on the sofas. We were gigling a talking amongst ourselves, all tucked up in bed and lights out, listen...... we were all quiet...... we could hear someone outside snoring!! It was so loud, Jayne couldn't hear it so Chrissy managed to open the door so she could hear the same dulcet tone of a pneumatic drill, poor person who had to sleep next to the snorrer. We all eventually went quiet. Well, the caravan was at an angle, I did manage to get off to sleep, woke up for a wee and then back to bed, yippee, the reflux had started, because I was laying downwards in the slant, it made it worse so I very quietly shuffled around so my head was at the top of the slant and my feet at the bottom, problem solved.
It wasn't a huge slant, just a tad out but enough that we could notice it.
Chrissy struggled out of bed in the morning, she did very well. It was about 8:30 am when we all woke up. We chatted for a bot, got changed and Jayne made tea and toast, how marvellous!!
It hadn't stopped raining since we got there, it was a beautiful day when we left Plymouth but it didn't dampen our spirits. I was thinking of poor Kieran out in the rain, doing his walk.
We got sorted out, caravan hooked up again and off home. As we stopped at the office to hand in the key, this union flag was waving to us, it was stapled to the fence asking to come hoe to Plymouth. We had to oblige. You can't have a Jubilee weekend with out a bit of anarchy!!! Long live Sid Vicious!!!!
 The supplies......
 ...And more supplies, incase of emergencies!!
 Jayne doing her Hawaii 5 O impression.
 Pimms O'Clock.... with tarts!!!

 Yum yum!!
 More tarts!!
 Tucking in!!!

Thank you so much girls from a great weekend, fabulous, I am loong forward to the next one when we have lashings of ginger beer, cakes and some bally good fun in Cornwall : )
Well done Kieran on finishing the relay for life event. 140 laps done, thats around 35 miles and £92 raised by Kieran so far.. So proud of you. x x

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