Saturday, 30 June 2012

Yesterdays chemo, 3rd cycle

I was up and out by 8:40am to go to Nuffield, Kieran had got out of bed no trouble and off to school.
I got there the same time as my sister, Wendy. We settled into the room, I had to have another cannula in as I wasn't allowed out of the hospital with one in my arm, not happy with that but there are policies and procedures to go through so I have to abide by them.
The Dr thought she would try my other arm, mistake, it never wants to play, the veins see the needle and hide away. She tried but no joy, then I knew what was going to happen, Another try meant the tears would come and I would start to feel sorry for myself. I was missing my dad so much, I knew he would be here for me if he could be, having comforting words and a hug that I would want to last forever. The Dr felt so bad because I couldn't control the tears running down my cheeks. She went back to the other arm and got the cannula in first time.
She left the room and Wendy came over and gave me a huge hug.I needed to release it, why does he have to be in another place, I hate asbestos and what it has done to my family, it has ripped us all apart.
I settled down after a good cry.
The sister came in to put the first lot of chemo up, the alimta. First of all there were anti-histamines and steroids. then a sugar solution then the drug.
That didn't take long to go through. It was lovely to see Teresa, my wonderful eyebrow tattooist. She was visiting patients in the hospital and popped by to say hello. She is such a fabulous artist, one of her many talents is to tattoo nipples on people who have had a breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. She had a on a lovely coat. Time for me to pay a visit to Tavistock : )
After the Alimta was finished, there was a flush through, then it was another sugar solution and the Carboplatin. Wendy and I had lunch and a cuppa. I had a snooze while she played games on my iPad, what a wonderful invention that is.
I did notice that my forearm had gone very cold, I asked Wendy to feel it, it was freezing cold, strange as this didn't happen last time.
The cannula was taken out after an hour or so, just to make sure there were no complications. As I was leaving, the part of my forearm was painful. This was just after the cannula came out. I told the sister as we left, she didn't seem to think there were any problems but to keep an eye on it. It isn't at the site of the needle it is the opposite side, on my forearm, nearly up to the joint. It is painful to the touch and my skin is so sensitive that it feels like I'm scratching it rather than smoothing it. Wendy's husband, Chrissie, gave me a lift home, he had their little granddaughter with him, so cute, she wouldn't smile at all for me... don't blame her : )
Every one was out when I got home, I rested for a bit and then heard a familiar voice, My friend Chrissy had come over, she had bought me a present, an all in one dressing gown, what is known as a onsie, I look like a leopard printed telly tubby : )
She was going to tea at our other friend Jayne's and I was asked if I wanted to go over, I said I would, We waited for Kieran to get back from school and then went out to tea. Egg and chips were on the menu, wonderful, it was the best and topped of with a chip buttie.
I got home and changed for bed and settled in, my arm is still sore, I was now worrying about a blood clot so I thought I would settle my mind and ask my lovely warrior nurse, Mary Hessdorfer, she thinks it could be to do with the 2 cannulas as well. I did also ring the hospital get it noted that it was still ongoing.
This morning I was awake at 5:20am. I had a wonderful cuddle with Stork and Amber, she just lays on my bed, she knows something is different so spends more time with me, so sweet.
I pottered around a bit, dishwasher, clothes, cat box just general stuff.
Siobhan and David have just left with Kieran, I am going to have a bath and get my onsie on asettle back into bed. My arm is still sore so maybe a good soak will do it good.
Thank you to everyone who has sent so many good wishes. I do appreciate them and am so humbled by those who still bother even with their own heart ache at losing their loved ones or caring for them.
x x x

Siobhan and her byfried, David have taken Kieran to see a college in Saltash to see what is on offer for him, he leaves school next September, another milestone for me and him and so grateful to be here to see it. I am so proud of them and what they have achieved.

 Wrong order but Nimble was there, Ready to go to hospital and sitting on the chemo box making sure everything goes well x x

 Teresa, my lovely tattoo lady, wearing a fabulous coat : )

 Jayne, not just a master of arms but a chief egg, chips and butty maker!!!

 Chrissy bought me a onie, I triend it on for size......

 Yum yum, lovely butty!!!

The onsie, makes me look like a leopard print tell tubbie but who cares, its so snuggly : ) thanks Chrissy x x

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