Monday, 30 July 2012

Catch up a thank you to the coffee fairy!

I haven't been on much as I have been sleeping most of thew time, I thought it was about time I caught up.
First things first, my lovely "stuff" monitor, Jan C thank you so much for the coffee this morning.

I went on facebook this morning and put my status as "I wish the coffee fairy was here to bring up a cuppa in bed".  I didn't have to wait long, Jan C sent a lovely picture, thanks Jan, it's perfect : )

Today I am off to hospital for a cross match of blood as I have another blood transfusion tomorrow.
I had a phone call on Friday from Ann and Bill, 2 lovely warriors from our South West support group.
The have offered to tak me to and from hospital today and to drop me off tomorrow for the transfusion.
There are some really lovely people in the world. I have taken off my tenacious head and said yes.
Thank you so much Ann and Bill, I really appreciate it.
Siobhan has been a real trooper, looking after me, doing the house work, supervising Kieran when he needs it. So much for young shoulders to be burdened with. Who has children to be their carers? I don't think anyone does, I am so used to looking after myself that I find it hard to ask for help, I know I do but I also know that I do need to accept it and understand that others want to help too.
Will update as I go, this week will be all ups and downs.
Thank you everyone for all their support and wonderful messages. It really is appreciated x x

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