Monday, 16 July 2012

Dr's today

Well, I have plucked up the courage to be as honest as I can. This is very personal but I need to document it as it is all part of the journey. I saw a Dr today ( I asked to see a female one) and explained to her that I had some lesions or ulcers on my naughty bits. It flared up on Friday. Over the weekend it has got very painful. She explained that I am immunocompromised and  have a viral infection. It seems to be the chicken pox/shingles virus or a cold sore virus. I haven't been near anyone with a cold sore so am not sure how that would be.
I have got some tablets, I have to take 5 a day for 10 days. I have added this as it is common to get this with chemotherapy. When the immune system is very low infections are picked up easily.
I have been so embarrassed by it but know I need to add it on here as it is part of the journey.

I have had a very restful day today, feel asleep on the sofa. Roll on Wednesday, I want to get this result out of the way so I can pick myself up again. My nose seems to have stopped bleeding now. It wasn't very much anyway. I will be going with a list of questions on Wednesday which will include asking for a PICC line for the chemo as my poor little veins are not happy.


Steve said...

Hi Debbie, tough luck! I've suffered from cold sores all my life, including down there once. Apparently after you've had any of the herpes infections (chicken pox, shingles etc) it can come back when your immune system is compromised as one of the other versions. The virus never goes away from your system, it just stays dormant, waiting to catch you out when you're low. I was warned that I might get a flare up when I had chemo, but luckily avoided it. The anti-virals you've been given should help. Keep your chin up girl!

Jan said...

Dear Debs

I had chicken pox just after chemo so you have my full sympathy!

You have done so well so keep that spirit going which you have carried so far.

Jan xx

Debbie said...

Thank you Steve and Jan. I have never had it before and never realised how painful it was. I feel for both of you having it. Thanks for your comments, they are much appreciated.