Saturday, 7 July 2012

Great weekend.

I have returned home from Portsmouth. What a great and inspiring event it was, I will explain all in a blog but for now I am going to do what Pat tells me, to relax, it's an order!!!
Chrissy drove home from Portsmouth, we got stuck in a traffic jam caused by the flood in Dorset. It took us 7 and 1/2 hours to get home, the trip should have took half that.
I have lost my voice, not due to singing and having a raucous time but due to having a pineapple juice too late at night. I get reflux because if my TOF which means that if I eat or drink to late and then go to bed, I lay down to sleep and the contents flow back up. The pineapple juice had caused acid which burnt my oesophagus so I will be silent for a couple of days, Kieran will love that : )
It will get better so for now I am going to be quiet and relax.
The pineapple juice incident was funny though, should have realised but I forgot because it hasn't happened for such a long time.
The funny bit is asking the bar tender for a pina colada and being told she didn't have that.
I said "Can I have a pineapple juice and Malibu then?" Yes came the answer back. Mmm.... seems some bar tenders don't know how to make a simple cocktail : )

It was wonderful to see Pat, Suzanne, Diane S, Lynn and Diane B. Well done Diane S and Lynn for a great day. x x

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