Sunday, 15 July 2012

Happy Birthday Richard.

My baby is 23 today, this is the first one away from home. He is spending his day with his little family and I hope he has a great day.
23 years ago this was a devistating day. I held him in my arms fro a few minutes before he was taken from me and put into the special care baby unit. I didn't understand what was going on, why couldn't I be with my baby? He was taken to Bristol Royal children's hospital for a major operation the next day.
He had been born unable to swallow, his eosophagus (Food pipe) was connected to his trachea (Windpipe). He is a TOF baby. Without the operation he would have starved to death.
I had a blood transfusion after having him, what a nightmare it was.
All the horrors of his first few years have disappeared, Siobhan was an absolute angel, she was only 3 and helped so much when Richard choked on his food. she would take the lid off the bin so Rich could get out what he was choking on. Such a little star, more than any child should have to put up with. She helped out with that until Rich was about 7, that was when things started to get easier.

He has few episodes of choking now, I use Rich as a sounding post because I found out 3 years ago I was a TOF as well. Mine is rarer but not as severe as his.

Have a great day Richard, I love you so much x x x

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