Sunday, 15 July 2012

Late nights over the weekend.

I went out with my friends I have known for 25 years on Friday evening and didn't get home till 12:50 am. I went back to Wendy's house and we chatted away, forgetting the time. It was lovely to catch up with Lyn and Jacqui and later with Wendy and her husband, Terry.

Saturday was as bad, I had lunch at Chrissy's and got ready there. My friend Avis was there too, She had bought Jayne, my other friend and I a lovely bouquet of flowers for our birthdays, we are a week apart. Such a lovely thing to do, thank you so much Avis. Another friend, Anita, arrived at Chrissy's, we all bundled into my car and went off to the barbican. I wasn't driving and wanted a quick way home as I knew I would het tired. I left them about 11:45 pm and went straight to bed hoping I would wake up late in the morning, I got a furry alarm call around 8:30 am. That means a nudge from a paw in the face and a cuddle from Stork.
I got up and got them some food, took my tablets and went back to bed. I woke up at 11 am. I needed that extra sleep.
My nose is still bleeding, not an awful lot but enough to annoy me.
I will speak to my oncologist on Wednesday about having a PICC line put in which is a permanent line to administer chemo and take blood as my poor veins have taken a pounding, in fact I think my whole body has. I am terrified that I won't come out of the chemo cycle and it will get me because that is what happened to my poor dad.
I just grabbed hold of my baby girl and had a good cry, poor Siobhan, taking on so much.
I have got to try and get back on top. I am still taking my mistletoe which, I think, gives me the energy I need. I know I need to take things easy, but if I do, will Theo get me?

My lovey warrior friends are so supportive and helpful, I have had a couple of questions this week which they have answered, and Mary, the specialist nurse in the USA who is always helpful.

Well onwards and upwards, I have got some rhubarb from Christine, my friend in Darlington. She sent it by post so Kieran and I will make a rhubarb crumble tomorrow. Thank goodness it survived royal mail : )
I am going to have a quiet day tomorrow lots of rest, got clothes and shoes to sort out and get rid of.

Thank you so much to evey one who has sent messages of support via email, text and facebook.
A special thank you to Karen, my inspiration to make a blog diary about my mesothelioma journey.
Avis, Jayne, Anita and Chrissy, ready for a night out.

Christine's Rhubarb : ) 

Face pack time,  ooohhh, scary!!!

Karen has a blog called the furry monkey, she goes through such a lot more than me, she has non-hodgkins lymphome and has the most wonderful and informative blog. Karen makes cards and has sent a lovely on to me, thank you so much Karen. It has a special place beside Avis's flowers : )

Avis's Flowers x x
Karen's card x x

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