Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Not a good day.

I woke up this morning, helped Kieran get off to school and got myself ready to drive the hospital for a CT scan. The results are next Wednesday so I am hoping Theo had at least moved out some of his belongings or is he too injured to moved anything but has stayed where he is?
I had a few tears on my own before I left, The CT blues have started already. I got in my car and drove to the hospital, sat down and waited for a few minutes before the radiographer came out. She is so lovely and very supportive, well, they all are.
I got into the changing room and had a few more tears, I didn't want to break down on the CT table. The radiographer tried my left arm, no joy, the veins weren't playing. She then tried my right arm, in a different place than the last chemo but the same veins. That was it, second attempt, tears again.
I wanted to get up and walk out, I don't want this, I miss my dad too, so very much.
The radiographer felt so bad, I didn't want her to feel like that, it wasn't her fault, it's the fault of the people who peddle this asbestos crap. My dad's life cut short and mine affected by this. I never want any of my family to go through this, I never want anyone to walk in my shoes, even if they are my worst enemies. My goal is to shout about the wrong doing, the trauma of knowing that a man went to work for 3 years to support his family and he gets dealt a terrible blow. I fight back for myself and my dad and for those like him. IT IS WRONG !!!! rant over.

Back to the CT, The radiographer called a Dr in to try, she tried one vein, no joy, not a spot of blood. To top it all, I laid down and the reflux started so the TOF is making itself known too, brilliant.
Eventually the Dr found a vein, Thank goodness for that. All settled down and I had the scan, After all that I hope there is a positive result, just stability will do.

Thank you so much to the staff in the radiography department, they have been so supportive today.

I went out into the waiting room, had a coffee and sat for a few minutes before driving into town for a latte and some retail therapy. I bought a lovely dress and a pair of shoes.
I had a valet for Halo, my little car, she had a good clean inside, not worth doing the outside, the weather is awful, still raining. Good job done, they even sorted out her boot. She desreved some pampering too : )

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