Thursday, 26 July 2012

PICC line no PICC-nic

 Attempt 1.....
 Attempt 2........
Attempt 3 with cannula still in place for tomorrow as long as it doesn't leak.

I got to the hospital at about 10:45 am this morning, I was told to get there for 11am, I eventually saw the anesthetist at 12:20, I didn't get the message that he was going to be late.
So 12:20, in the anaesetic room the Dr makes a start. I told them my right arm was better than my left and that I do have very small veins. We started with the left arm because i am right handed. He went up under my left arm, did an ultra sound and found the vein he wanted to use, after putting in some lydocane he then attempted to put a tube in, I think, I didn't want to watch. All was going well till he hit a nerve and an electric shock pulse ran down my arm to my hand, it felt like pins and needles. He carried on with what he was doing but had problems getting the tube through the vein. He eventually gave up with that one. He then tried under my fore arm, same thing, vein isn't big enough to do it so a third try would be by my wrist. He found a good vein, got so far then needed to widen the vein to get the catheter in. That really hurt, he was pushing and pushing, It was painful. In the end he felt he could go no further. So after three attempts, I have no PICC line. I now have a cannula in and have been able to keep it in for tomorrow. We are hoping it doesn't leak because the hole that had to be stretched is bigger than the cannula, oh what jolly fun we are having!!!!
Tomorrow there will be decisions made, do I try another PICC line in my right arm or leave it and let the anaethatsist do every cannula.
What a morning, I feel like I could cry, this is the lonely part.
Why can't things just be simple, I have had enough of complex.
My veins have the right idea, if they don't like it they hide away, maybe I should start doing the same.

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