Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The best day.

It is a monumental day for me, my 53rd birthday has now been achieved. Another gift that cannot be topped. I am so proud to have got to this day.
I have had a wonderful day, so many very special messages and so many lovely friends paid a visit today.
Chrissy, Mandy, Tina and Jayne, who sang happy birthday at my gate in her master at arms uniform, think she was the sing-o-gram in her uniform. So many lovely cards and gifts.

This is me in 2007, on my 48th birthday in Egypt, thinking it was my last.....

.... here I am in 2012, on my 53rd birthday and so proud to still be here. Every year brings more confidence.

Special thanks to my lovely children who have made my day so special. I have missed Richard, he called and sent his best wishes.

I feel ready now for my next round of Theo bashing, bring on Friday!!!

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