Sunday, 22 July 2012


My shingles are feeling much better, I am hoping I can go out again as I haven't been out due to being so infectious.
I do miss going out. I have been quite sad this week as well, feeling so down about Joan, my lovely facebook friend. I woke up yesterday morning and just for a moment wondered if I had dreamt it all. Disappointedly I hadn't, it was all real.

I had a phone call on Friday, I have been asked to talk in Parliament next June, I am so excited, I have said yes. I don't usually arrange things so far ahead due to not knowing what Theo has planned so this will be a huge challenge. It will be a focus after Christmas. I live my life in 3 monthly batches, I find that easier than having a yearly challenge, I try and be realistic. 3 months is easier to achieve and it coincides with my scan.
I will be having a PICC line put in next week some time. I cancelled going to Ireland as I am dealing with the chemo, good job I did, I would have been traveling with shingles.
Chemo will be on Friday and if the last lot of results is anything to go by, Theo will be having a bashing again.

Below is the agenda for June 2012, I am not sure who  I will be speaking, what ever happens, we all want the same outcome, a complete global ban on asbestos and awareness of the dangers of asbestos.

                                                                      ALL PARTY PARLIAMENTARY GROUP ON
Chair: Jim Sheridan MP Hon Secretary: Ian Lavery MP
Asbestos Update
3:00 to 6:00 pm, Wednesday, 27 June 2012
Committee Room 11, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA


This meeting of MPs and invited guests is intended to:

Keep asbestos high on the UK agenda;
Explore and discuss topical UK issues such as asbestos contamination in schools and the timely delivery of equitable compensation to the injured;
      Examine UK asbestos developments in light of news from abroad.

3:00 Welcome: Co-Chair Ian Lavery MP
3:05 UK Legal Developments 2012 David Allan, Barrister 
3:25 Update from Asbestos Victims’ Support Groups Forum – Tony Whitston 
3:45 Asbestos Contamination in Widnes – Jason Addy, PH D. student, and members of the North Widnes Residents’ Association
4:05 KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Asbestos Issues in India – Tublu Mukherjee, Barrister
4:35 The Asbestos Frontline – Kathleen Ruff, Canadian Ban Asbestos Activist
5:05 Low Level Asbestos Exposures – Alex Burdorf, Epidemiologist, Netherlands
5:35 Question and Answers: Co-Chair John Cryer MP
6:00 Conclusion: Chair John Cryer MP

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