Sunday, 26 August 2012

6 years without my dad.

Today is the 6th anniversary of my dad's passing.
A day I hate most in the world, the day my life stopped and the day first experienced real loss. I have never lost anyone this close before, I was heart broken when my grandmother, my dad's mum, died. This was so diffferent, this was my dad, the man who had always had time for me, time to chat, time for advice, time for a hug or a gentle peice of advice about life.
I learnt so much from my dad, how to treat people, to leave those behind who are cruel and spiteful, those who wouldn't help you at your lowest moment, to pick yourself up when you had been knocked down and fight back again, to give to others and help as much as possible.
I miss that, especially now when I need as much support as possible to fight my biggest battle, to live.
I feel him with me every day, I know he is around. My heart will be breaking today as it has done for every year on this day.

I miss you so much.
I have days when I need you more that others.
I can feel you around me, supporting me and loving me.
My fight is for you as well, you should still be with us.
You will always be a part of my life, where ever I go.
No one can take my memories of you, they are locked away in my mind and heart.
I hope you stay with me forever.
                                                                          My dad in 1987.

My dad with his girls in 1963.
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