Friday, 31 August 2012

All done for 4 weeks

Chemo all done, not too many things went wrong today. I got my cannula put in by the anesthetist. I had my tablet, can't remember what it is called but will look it up tomorrow, an hour before the treatment. Treatment stated late, about 1:15pm.
When I had the chemo my wrist I had a rash come up. It only went to my wrist and then faded away, Strange. My wrist went completely cold, when the chemo had stopped, this was the carboplatin, the rash appeared again and faded away as quickly as it had came.
All was noted by the staff. I eventually got home at about 4pm.
My wrist has been painful since I got home. It was painful when the cannula was taken out, the nurse seems to think that the saline drip was too quick and next time it will be slowed down.
I went straight to bed, slept for a couple of hours and feel I could sleep a lot longer.
Thank you all you lovely people for your good wishes, I really appreciate the messages of love and strength.

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